Purpose: The Nominating Committee nominates volunteers for all positions elected by the General Assembly except for President and Moderator.

Key responsibilities: Publicize committee openings (volunteer opportunities), interview volunteers, check references, communicate with committee chairs, communicate with Board, communicate with Appointments Committee

Skills needed:

  • Be able to openly give and receive feedback regarding presentation and style with minimal defensiveness.
  • Capacity to work sensitively and cooperatively with others.
  • An ability to keep confidentiality about personal conversations and assessments.
  • Have an understanding of the UUA structure, governance and an awareness of pressing associational issues and needs.
  • Have some experience with other selection and nominating committees i.e. at church or cluster level.

Length of Term: 3 years, with the possibility of one additional term

Meetings: 1 in person 2-3 day meeting, 1 meeting at GA, several videoconference meetings throughout the year

Additional Information: Volunteers on the Committee spend extensive time discussing candidates, recruiting, attending to reference checks, and interviewing.