Purpose: The Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) is responsible for overseeing the process of fellowship for candidates for ministry and adjudicating disciplinary cases.

The makeup of the Committee contains:

  • 6 lay leaders (3 of which are psychologists)
  • 8 ministers in full fellowship
    • 4 of which are appointed by the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA)
    • 4 of which are appointed by the Board

Key responsibilities: Interviewing candidates for consideration of fellowship, reviewing and monitoring requirements for fellowshipped ministers, reviewing and adjudicating disciplinary cases, receive waivers for candidacy and settlement, reviewing and revising the entire process and workings of the MFC.

Requirements: Emotional intelligence, excellent listening skills, excellent listening skills, expansive consideration in appraising candidates for ministry, excellent professional boundaries, ability to discern and communicate biases throughout group processes, and strong sense of teamwork and collaboration with other committee members and UUA staff.

Length of Term: 2 year term with a limit of 8 years in full

Meetings: 3 in person, some additional online

Length of meetings: 4 days (Executive Committee is 5 days)