Purpose: The Religious Education Credentialing Committee administers and oversees the Religious Education Credentialing Program for the professional certification of religious educators for our UU congregations.

The makeup of the Committee contains:

  • 3 people representing congregational lay leader perspectives
  • 1 person representing a parish minister perspective
  • 1 person representing a credentialed religious educator - master level perspective
  • 1 person representing a faith development minister perspective
  • 1 “observer” appointed by the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA)

Key responsibilities: The Committee maintains the credentialing program plan, assessing candidates for credentialing, keeps the program plan up to date, responds to substitution requests from candidates, and assesses the candidates through written work and interview.

Requirements: Knowledge of and/or commitment to: Unitarian Universalism,, religious education, education, AR/AO/MC, worship, and professional ethics and safety. Organized, good critical reading skills, verbal skills.

Length of Term: 2 years, with up to 3 renewals, for a total of 8 years.

Meetings: 2-6 per year

Length of meetings: annual meeting is 1 week long, other meetings are 2 hours by zoom

Additional important info: Must be able to set aside the time for the week of interviews and travel.