Purpose: The Board of Review hears appeals from ministers or credentialed religious educators who have had their final fellowship or credentialing status terminated by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee or the Religious Education Credentialing Committee.

The Board of Review shall consist of eight members, as follows:

  • Three members who are ministers, each of whom at the time of election is in full ministerial fellowship with the Association and has held such fellowship continuously for the preceding seven years
  • One member who is a Credentialed Religious Educator – Master Level
  • Four members who are not ministers or credentialed religious educators, each of whom at the time of election is a member of a certified member congregation and has been a member of one or more such congregations for not less than three years as an officer or a member of the governing bodies of one or more such congregations.

Length of Term: 8 years (with at least 8 years between terms)

Meetings: Meetings are only held when an appeal has been submitted

Additional Information: No member of the Board of Review shall, during the term of office, be a member of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, the Religious Education Credentialing Committee, or hold any salaried position in the Association.