Purpose: The General Assembly Planning Committee creates a General Assembly (GA) that is maximally inclusive and transformative by being in relationship with UU professional groups, UU identity groups, the Board, and the Administration to build a structure that enables thoughtful decision making and the largest annual manifestation of UU community.

Function: Recommends future locations for GA, creates, supports, and participates in GA volunteer groups like the Worship Arts Team, Program Development Group, Right Relationship Team, Chaplains, and others, proposes and co-manages a balanced budget for GA, advocates for innovation and change - prior examples include the creation of the Middle School Justice Camp, Gender Neutral Bathrooms, and Justice-Center GA in New Orleans 2017, and works with the Board and the Administration in the creation of the theme and structure of GA for upcoming years.

Requirements: Members must have a great deal of experience as GA attendees. They must be able to work within a diverse group of dedicated UU staff and volunteers, and navigate the allocation of limited resources. Members must have the capacity to assess both near-term and long-term consequences, and prioritize relationships and still accomplish tasks on a fixed timeline. They must have the skills or capacity to learn and use various online communication tools. Members must be able to commit significant time to this committee.

Length of Term: 4 elected members serve for 4 years, each; 2 Board-appointed members serve for 2 years, each.

Number of Meetings: 4 three-day in-person meetings, plus 8 monthly call-in meetings (2+ hours, each), with optional weekly meetings to keep up with the moving landscape. There may be additional meetings depending on particular portfolio.

Length of Meetings: Quarterly meetings are September, January, April, and GA in June - typically Thursday through Sunday. Members will be expected to serve at GA from the Monday before GA begins through the Monday after it ends.