Purpose: The Socially Responsible Investing Committee (SRIC) upholds the UUA’s commitment to invest its endowment funds in alignment with Unitarian Universalist values.

The Socially Responsible Investing Committee advises the UUA Investment Committee on investment policy issues that address Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. The major strategies of socially responsible investing are positive and negative screening, shareholder advocacy through engagement, proxy voting, and community investing.

In implementing the UUA socially responsible investing policy, the SRIC and Investment Committee are cognizant of the intersectionality of ESG issues, and the committees are guided by the UUA commitment to advancing racial justice, supporting multi-culturalism and dismantling white supremacy culture, which is a system of wealth, power and privilege that advantages white people and keeps people of color on the margins.

Key responsibilities:

  • Advise the Investment Committee on socially responsible investment policy
  • Assist the UUA staff with community investing, shareholder advocacy, proxy voting, and screening criteria
  • Develop the screening criteria in collaboration with the UUA Treasurer, investment consultants, and investment committee members
  • Engage with other faith- and values-based investors and UU social justice advocates regarding UUA priorities and emerging issues in SRI/ESG investing
  • Optimize the investments of the UUCEF in collaboration with the Investment Committee
  • Assess the effectiveness of the UUA’s socially responsible investment policies and practices in collaboration with the Investment Committee

Skills needed:

  • Expertise in socially responsible investing, including community investing, shareholder advocacy, proxy voting, and/or screening
  • Anti-racism, anti-oppression, and/or multicultural training
  • Experience with social justice organizing, advocacy, coalition-building, and/or communications a plus
  • Relationships with other faith-based and/or values-based investors a plus

Length of Term: 2 years with 8-year limit of service

Meetings: Quarterly in conjunction with UUA Investment Committee

Length of meetings: Approximately 6 hours, plus additional work between meetings

Additional important info:

  • At least one member shall have expertise in shareholder advocacy
  • At least one member shall have expertise in community investing
  • One member with experience in endowment management will also be a member of the Investment Committee

In 2020, the UUA Board increased the UU Common Endowment Fund’s (UUCEF’s) allocation to community investing to 5% of its portfolio (which had a total value of more than $200 million as of 12/31/19). Community Investing (CI) is financing that creates resources and opportunities for economically disadvantaged people and communities. CI supports development initiatives in low-income communities both in the United States and in developing countries. CI financing creates access to affordable financial services and financial education, loans for first-time homebuyers and affordable housing development, micro and small business development, community services, and venture capital financing.