Purpose and Charge: The charge of the Commission on Social Witness (CSW) is to oversee the collective social witness process among Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) member congregations and groups. Social witness is the act of courageously affirming what is just and good through speech and action that demonstrates solidarity with those who are marginalized; collective social witness collaboratively imagines and embodies social witness for collective liberation.

We envision a faith engaging in multigenerational, multicultural, accessible, social witness that is in relationship with what is emerging in social justice movements within and beyond Unitarian Universalism, enabling us to live into discomfort and to adapt into a healing, transformative reality.

Mission: The CSW's mission is to amplify emerging social action, promote connections, and nurture accountable social witness across the Association. We pursue our vision and mission in accountable relationships that seek equitable empowerment with people and groups most impacted by oppression, hate, and violence. Together, we celebrate how seeking justice in news ways of relating brings joy to the process of collective social witness.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build relationships beyond the commission especially with marginalized groups: meet, reach out, cold calls, connecting
  • Center marginalized voices in this work (internal/external meetings, plans, processes)
  • Innovate mechanisms for feedback from our congregational leaders
  • Amplify stories of justice in Unitarian Universalism
  • Participate in GA annually (online or in person) to guide social witness process, offer workshops, reports etc.
  • Organize and participate in events (throughout the year beyond GA) and opportunities to amplify social witness action and build connections among UUs in action.

Skills Needed: Desire to learn and grow in an anti-oppressive, multi-cultural, intergenerational faith, receiving constructive feedback and offering it too, as we all seek a new way in the world that is more relational and justice-giving. Engage in online meetings via Zoom and (at such time as travel is prudent), travel up to three times per year (may include travel to General Assembly and/or social witness events). Please note that although we meet on Zoom, calling in and voice only is always an option, and Zoom supports live transcription captions. Phone and/or internet access to meetings are required.

Length of Term: 4 years (maximum of 2 terms with a minimum of 4 years between terms)

Meetings: 12-16 per year (1-3 hours each)

Other Important Information: The Commission is in a process of transformation and growth toward more fully living into our anti-oppressive values. Potential members will need a willingness to explore creative growth, cope with ambiguity, experiment and learn from new ways of doing things, and compassionately share feedback among the commission and beyond. Above all, in order to promote and affirm the inherent dignity of all people we must by definition center historically marginalized voices in this process.