Purpose and Key Responsibilities: The Financial Advisor is a volunteer officer of the Association and a voting member of the UUA Board of Trustees. The Financial Advisor provides expert and independent advice to the Board and the President about financial policies and business practices, monitors resources and applications of funds, assists in long-range planning, and makes recommendations regarding the overall financial affairs of the Association. The Advisor reports to the General Assembly annually and serves on key financial committees supported by staff but staffed by volunteers and appointed by the Board (Audit, Health Plan, Investment/SRI, and Retirement Plan). If the Board chooses to use an Executive Committee for decision making between monthly meetings, the Financial Advisor also serves on the Executive Committee of the Board. The Financial Advisor is responsible for working closely with the Appointments Committee of the Board to identify and recruit qualified candidates for all financial committees.


  • Experience and expertise in the broad variety of business matters addressed by the Board of Trustees, such as budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting and analysis, investments and endowments, business management, and human resources. Deep experience in at least one of such area is critical.
  • Commitment to the mission and values of Unitarian Universalism and demonstrated commitment to anti-racism, anti-oppression and multi-culturalism.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders (“plays well with others”)
  • Capacity to commit significant time, both for meetings and projects.

Total Time Commitment: approximately 50 days per year, 25 of which are weekdays.

Term: 3 years

Term Limit: 2 consecutive terms