Purpose: The UUA Employee Health Plan Trust oversees the UUA Health Plan, a self-funded plan which provides comprehensive health insurance to approximately 1,500 members, the employees, and their dependents of the UUA National Office and 350+ congregations.

The Committee approves changes to the various benefits offered, sets the premiums charged individuals and their employers, and exercises fiduciary responsibility for the Plan and its assets.

Key responsibilities: The responsibilities of the UUA Employee Benefits Trustees are to make policy decisions for the Health Plan and provide oversight of Plan activities, including:

  • determining the third party administrator and other vendors that will work for or support the Trust on a fee for service basis, approving contracts with vendors that are signed by the UUA Treasurer in his/her capacity as a UUA Employee Benefits Trustee
  • assuring that the Health Plan Director and other persons hired for administrative purposes carry out their duties in a professional manner
  • approving any changes in benefits or rates proposed by the Health Plan Director
  • undertaking periodic reviews of the Trust's financial performance, funding safeguards, and stop-loss insurance protection; providing timely reports to the UUA Board of Trustees on the numbers of enrollees, claims experience, and the financial condition of the Plan
  • authorizing a claims review committee (which may include Trustees) for purposes of reviewing and authorizing or denying payment of claims that have been initially denied by the third party administrator
  • assuring that funds collected by the Trust for the payment of claims, insurance premiums, administrative expenses, and other bona fide expenses are not co-mingled with operating funds of the UUA
  • authorizing reimbursement from the Trust to the UUA for expenses which it incurs in administering the Trust including but not limited to payroll and expenses of the Director and/or other UUA staff whose work is dedicated to Trust activities

Skills needed: Current experience, preferably at a senior level, in health insurance policy, health plan administration, or pharmacy benefit management, as a financial, human resources, and/or medical professional.

Length of Term: 2 years (reappointment to max. 8 years)

Meetings: 4-5 annually (2 meetings in-person, in Boston)

Length of meetings: 4 hours

Additional important info: The Committee consists of 7 members, appointed by UUA Board of Trustees, including the UUA Treasurer and Financial Advisor, plus 5 members, each of whom is a member of a UU congregation.

The Committee engages in open meeting practices, regularly posting its minutes and reports, as appropriate, and applying procedures of process observation to ensure full participation by all members.