Purpose: The Election Campaign Practices Committee (ECPC) assists in the election process for Moderator and President positions (whether held by 1 or more individuals), while also working with Board elections if needed. The ECPC hears and facilitates conversations about the covenant of election candidates (and/or other entities, such as the Board, UUA Staff) and potential problems that arise. Working with the Board Secretary, it processes financial reports and shares election information with the Association.

Key responsibilities:

  • Facilitate covenanting process (including conflicts that arise)
  • Receiving financial reports from campaigns, per the UUA’s bylaws and rules
  • Hosting forum(s) for candidates to share information (and potentially receive questions)


  • Non-anxious presence (to hold space for covenanting, conflict, and uncertainty of election process)
  • Ability to think about current details regarding elections and big-picture thinking regarding overall election/campaign process
  • Clarity about neutrality regarding endorsements (official, or informally affecting the process)

Length of Term: 2 years (with no more than 4 terms, total)

Meetings: Typically 1-2 meetings during General Assembly (as this is the only time the group is in person) and then virtual meetings approximately once a month (as infrequently as once every 2-3 months, depending on where we are in an election cycle)

Length of meetings: Typically virtual meetings are an hour; in-person meetings are 2+ hours to accomplish more work. Meetings in the months preceding an election extend longer than immediately following an election.

Additional important info: The ECPC is hoping to update its charge and mission - information which has been shared with the Board and will continue to be adapted over time (in part due to their inclusion in the bylaws).